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Part No Description QTY RFQ
P51-1000-A-G-M12-20MA ssi technologies incsensor 1000psi 1/8-27npt 4-20ma sensor 1000psi 1/8-27npt 4-20ma Avl RFQ
P51-75-G-I-P-4.5OV sensor 75psi 7/16-20unf .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
2SD389 NA Avl RFQ
P51-50-S-H-P-5V sensor 50psis m12 5v Avl RFQ
2N4285 NA Avl RFQ
C106C1 rohs Avl RFQ
P51-500-S-D-I12-4.5OV ssi technologies incsensor 500psi 7/16-20 unf 4.5v sensor 500psi 7/16-20 unf 4.5v Avl RFQ
1N2276 rohs Avl RFQ
P51-75-A-Y-P-5V sensor 75psi 7/16-20-2b 1-5v Avl RFQ
P51-3000-S-AF-D-4.5OV ssi technologies incsensor 3000psi 9/16-18 unf 4.5v sensor 3000psi 9/16-18 unf 4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-1500-A-B-I36-4.5OV ssi technologies incsensor 1500psi 1/8-27npt .5-4.5v sensor 1500psi 1/8-27npt .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
61C64-15IS61C64AH-15ND NA Avl RFQ
2N4002 NA Avl RFQ
C358M NA Avl RFQ
P51-2000-S-A-D-20MA sensor 2000psis 1/4 npt 4-20ma Avl RFQ
P51-50-A-A-M12-20MA sensor 50psi 1/4-18npt 4-20ma Avl RFQ
2SB861 NA Avl RFQ
P51-300-S-Y-M12-20MA ssi technologies incsensor 300psis 7/16 4-20 ma sensor 300psis 7/16 4-20 ma Avl RFQ
P51-750-S-B-I36-4.5V sensor 750psi 1/8-27npt .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
1N2984RA rohs Avl RFQ
P51-1000-A-W-D-20MA ssi technologies incsensor 1000psi 1/8-27npt 4-20ma sensor 1000psi 1/8-27npt 4-20ma Avl RFQ
R2201RX6 NA Avl RFQ
P51-1000-S-O-M12-4.5V sens 1000psi 7/16-20 unf 2b 4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-1500-A-U-I12-5V sensor 1500psi 5/8"" 7/16-20 5v Avl RFQ
P51-750-A-T-MD-4.5OV sensor 750psi 7/16-20-2b .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-300-S-A-D-20MA ssi technologies incsensor 300psis 1/4 npt 4-20ma sensor 300psis 1/4 npt 4-20ma Avl RFQ
P51-1000-S-Z-D-5V ssi technologies incsensor 1000psis 1/4 npt 5v sensor 1000psis 1/4 npt 5v Avl RFQ
P51-1000-A-J-P-20MA ssi technologies incsensor 1000psi 3/8-24 unf 20ma sensor 1000psi 3/8-24 unf 20ma Avl RFQ
P51-300-A-H-M12-4.5V ssi technologies incsensor 300psi m12-1.5 6g .5-4.5v sensor 300psi m12-1.5 6g .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
1N747A NA Avl RFQ
P51-3000-A-J-I12-4.5OV ssi technologies incsensor 3000psi 3/8-24unf .5-4.5v sensor 3000psi 3/8-24unf .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
2N1396 NA Avl RFQ
ST173C10CCL0 rohs Avl RFQ
P51-3000-S-G-I36-5V sensor 3000psis 1/8 npt 5v 36 Avl RFQ
P51-200-A-Z-MD-4.5OV sensor 200psi 1/4-18npt .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-100-G-B-I36-20MA-R ssi technologies incsensor 100psig 1/8npt 20ma sensor 100psig 1/8npt 20ma Avl RFQ
P51-750-A-R-I12-4.5OV sensor 750psi m12-1.0 6g .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
4098BE NA Avl RFQ
P51-500-S-A-M12-5V sensor 500psis 1/4 npt 5v mini Avl RFQ
C2E035 NA Avl RFQ
P51-50-G-N-D-4.5V sensor 50psi 1.2-20unf-2a 4.5v Avl RFQ
32R2210RX4C NA Avl RFQ
P51-2000-A-M-M12-4.5OV sensor 2000psi m10-1.0 6g 4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-750-S-Y-D-4.5OV sensor 750psi 7/16-20-2b .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-1500-A-O-D-20MA sens 1500psi 7/16-20unf 2b 20ma Avl RFQ
P51-3000-S-S-M12-4.5V sensor 3000psi 1/4-18npt .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
2N2420A NA Avl RFQ
P51-500-S-O-MD-4.5OV sensor 500psi 7/16-20unf 2b 4.5v Avl RFQ
1N4247 semiconductor Avl RFQ
22R90 rohs Avl RFQ
2SD1881 rohs Avl RFQ
P51-100-S-M-M12-4.5V ssi technologies incsensor 100psi m10-1.0 6g .5-4.5v sensor 100psi m10-1.0 6g .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-200-G-S-I36-5V sensor 200psi 1/4-18npt 1-5v Avl RFQ
P51-75-G-J-MD-4.5OV sensor 75psi 3/8-24unf .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
MP1556 NA Avl RFQ
P51-75-G-Z-I12-4.5V sensor 75psi 1/4-18npt .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-50-G-I-I12-4.5V sensor 50psi 7/16-20unf .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
2N5303 NA Avl RFQ
P51-500-A-L-I36-4.5V sensor 500psi m10-1.25 6h 4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-50-S-F-I12-5V sensor 50psis 1/4 npt 5v 12 Avl RFQ
2N4921MIX NA Avl RFQ
2N6168 NA Avl RFQ
P51-750-S-U-MD-5V sensor 750psis 7/16 5v mini Avl RFQ
1N3171RA rohs Avl RFQ
1N3624R rohs Avl RFQ
P51-75-A-R-MD-4.5OV sensor 75psi m12-1.0 6g .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-15-S-O-I36-5V sensor 15psis 7/16 unf 5v 36 Avl RFQ
P51-75-G-H-P-20MA sensor 75psi m12-1.5 6g 4-20ma Avl RFQ
P51-100-S-M-D-4.5OV sensor 100psi m10-1.0 6g .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
2N1194 NA Avl RFQ
GES5819 NA Avl RFQ
P51-300-G-L-I36-5V ssi technologies incsensor 300psi m10-1.25 6h 1-5v sensor 300psi m10-1.25 6h 1-5v Avl RFQ
P51-1500-A-J-M12-20MA ssi technologies incsensor 1500psi 3/8-24 unf 4-20ma sensor 1500psi 3/8-24 unf 4-20ma Avl RFQ
2N2565 NA Avl RFQ
2N5246-18 NA Avl RFQ
2N4995 NA Avl RFQ
P51-500-A-T-D-4.5V ssi technologies incsensor 500psi 7/16-20-2b .5-4.5v sensor 500psi 7/16-20-2b .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
2N274 NA Avl RFQ
P51-75-S-P-I36-20MA sensor 75psis m20 4-20 ma Avl RFQ
2N1486 NA Avl RFQ
P51-1500-A-B-P-4.5V ssi technologies incsensor 1500psi 1/8-27npt .5-4.5v sensor 1500psi 1/8-27npt .5-4.5v Avl RFQ
P51-300-G-AA-I36-20MA ssi technologies incsensor 300psi 7/16-20unf 4-20ma sensor 300psi 7/16-20unf 4-20ma Avl RFQ
P51-1500-S-I-MD-20MA sensor 1500psis 7/16 unf 4-20 ma Avl RFQ
2N3639 NA Avl RFQ
1N3032MIX NA Avl RFQ

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