Various Types of Aircraft and Helicopter Fuselage Parts

On fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, the fuselage refers to the main body of the aircraft. This category includes the frame of the aircraft (usually comprised of steel and aluminum) that extends from nose to tail and out to the wings, the paneling that covers the aircraft, and the windows that allow the crew and passengers to see out of the craft.

There are several methods for constructing an aircraft’s fuselage, depending on the materials used to construct the aircraft, with wooden and metal airframes requiring different techniques. Most metal airframes are made as either a truss structure, where steel tubes are welded together to provide the structure of the aircraft, or the semi-monocoque method. In the semi-monocoque method, a series of frames in the shape of the fuselage’s cross sections are held in position on a fixture, then joined with longitudinal elements called stringers. These are then covered by a skin of sheet aluminum, which is then attached by riveting or bonding with adhesives. The fixture is then disassembled and removed from the complete fuselage shell, which can be completed with wiring, controls, and interior equipment.

Note that while fasteners and bearings are technically part of the fuselage, they are not included in this section, for the sake of convenience and browsing our catalog.

At NSN Parts Now, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we supply aircraft and helicopter fuselage parts from some of the top manufacturers around the world. These manufacturers include Bell, Boeing, Airbus, and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
AF-3 blade tip cover 3" (1 pc) Avl RFQ
FBL-Matt fbl rotors heli workstation Avl RFQ
KF407STND replacement superscale? bell 407 display stand Avl RFQ
V10/19 metal exhaust pipe 32 mm Avl RFQ
PHBAS350PRO pro-heli as350 50 basket Avl RFQ
PHBPLPRO bear paw l Avl RFQ
V20/18 scale door hinges Avl RFQ
PHCS13 scale cyclic stick kit h:13.00cm Avl RFQ
KF500DBR5 md500d fiberglass scale body, yellow (500-size) Avl RFQ
PHCS13K cyclic stick kit h:13.00cm Avl RFQ
KFUH60EX replacement uh60 exhaust hirss Avl RFQ
PHEX#6 #1 fire extinguisher h:5.7 Avl RFQ
PHSL#2PRO scale search light Avl RFQ
KFBLK607 700 size uh-60 superscale(tm) black hawk Avl RFQ
V30/39 mirror set 24 mm Avl RFQ
KFSEA607 700 size sh60 superscale(tm) seahawk Avl RFQ
KF206NEWS7-FWS window set for bell 206 700 size (news) Avl RFQ
PHCS11 scale cyclic stick kit h:11.00cm Avl RFQ
PHW#1 scale winch h*l: 94.47*231.04mm Avl RFQ
PHRMHS#2PRO movable door hinge set Avl RFQ
PFP1052-2 gear cover 1 3/4wheel dia. 4"x 7/32" strut Avl RFQ
V10/97 searchlight Avl RFQ
V10/20 metal exhaust pipe 40 mm Avl RFQ
V31/32 joystick set Avl RFQ
PHEX#3 #1 fire extinguisher h:4.37 Avl RFQ
V20/47 folding searchlight, length approx. 70 mm Avl RFQ
PHAWW60K airwolf 60 size whipers kit 2pcs/set Avl RFQ
PHS#4B scale seat 1/7 164mm*64mm*100mm (blue) Avl RFQ
KF206BW7 bell 206 jet ranger scale fiberglass fuselage (700-size) licensed bell helicopter product Avl RFQ
KF500EBR7 md500 fiberglass scale fuselage (700-size) Avl RFQ
PHS#3BRPRO 1:8 scale seat w/o seat belt 4 colors brown Avl RFQ
V30/37 exhaust pipe grey 37x75mm Avl RFQ
KF500GJB5-TS md500 500 size horizontal/vertical satbilizer, gjive Avl RFQ
PFP1052-4 gear cover 2 1/2 wheel dia. 6" x 3/8" strut Avl RFQ
KFUH1NSP6 conversion kit drop down side frames Avl RFQ
KF500EBR6 md500e fiberglass scale body, yellow version with working doors (600-size) Avl RFQ
PHEX#7 #1 fire extinguisher h:6.6 Avl RFQ
PHEX#4 #1 fire extinguisher h:4.4 Avl RFQ
V30/40 mirror set ø 40 mm Avl RFQ
PHSL#1PRO scale search light with servo Avl RFQ
PHS#4G scale seat 1/7 164mm*64mm*100mm (green) Avl RFQ
PHEX#5 #1 fire extinguisher h:5.0 Avl RFQ
V30/45 working hook Avl RFQ
KFUH1DMILJP6 600 size uh-1d japanese defender edition Avl RFQ
PHCS95 scale cyclic stick kit h:9.5cm Avl RFQ
PFP1052-1 gear cover 1 1/2 wheel dia. 3" x 3/16" strut Avl RFQ
PHRMHS#1PRO movable door hinge set Avl RFQ
AF-2.5 blade tip cover 2.5" (1 pc) Avl RFQ
PHSB#2SPRO seat belt for pros#3 w/o seat belt hook 4 colors: silver Avl RFQ
PHSB#2BPRO seat belt for pros#3 w/o seat belt hook 5 colors: black Avl RFQ
KF350TI5 eurocopter ecureuil as350 fiberglass fuselage tiger version Avl RFQ
V12/20 bear paws Avl RFQ
V10/30 plastic rivets, white Avl RFQ
V20/23 wsps set 140 mm Avl RFQ
PHCS95K cyclic stick kit h:9.5cm Avl RFQ
PHCS11K cyclic stick kit h:11.00cm Avl RFQ
PHCS84K cyclic stick kit h:8.4cm Avl RFQ
KF145MIL6 lakota uh-72 fiberglass helicopter fuselage version 2 torque tube Avl RFQ
PHAWW50K airwolf 50 size whipers kit in black 2pcs/set Avl RFQ
KFMD450YE-E / PT450P 450 size md500 e ( with 450 flybar mechanics ) Avl RFQ
V600/13 loudspeaker Avl RFQ
V10/94 searchlight Avl RFQ
PFP1052-3 gear cover 2/14 wheel dia. 5" x 5/16"strut Avl RFQ
KFMDDT5 md500 tow defender iaf fiberglass helicopter fuselage (500-size) includes weapons set inside Avl RFQ
PHSB#1/5 1/5 gear seat belt with magnets Avl RFQ
H350CAMLITE6 spotlight and camera scale fittings set Avl RFQ
V707/5 rotor head cover for 5-blade head Avl RFQ
KFAWSBB6 bell 222 fiberglass scale body, black (600-size) licensed bell helicopter product (with working doors) black and silver Avl RFQ
V340/40 mirror set for large-scale models Avl RFQ
KF135V3CIV5 eurocopter ec135 scale fiberglass fuselage - civilian version (500-size) Avl RFQ
KF109CG6 a109 scale fiberglass fuselage, coast guard verison (600-size) Avl RFQ
V10/32 plastic rivets, black Avl RFQ
KF109CIV6 a109 scale fiberglass fuselage - blue and white 600 size Avl RFQ
PFP1052-5 gear cover 3 1/2 wheel dia. 7" x 1/2"strut Avl RFQ
PHCS84 scale cyclic stick h:8.4cm Avl RFQ
PHSL#3 scale search light Avl RFQ
KF109W4 450 size a109 white gel coat Avl RFQ
V10/98 searchlight, 50 mm Avl RFQ
PHBPSPRO bear paw s Avl RFQ
KF145PF6 ec145 fire and rescue scale fiberglass fuselage (600-size) Avl RFQ
PHBPMPRO bear paw m Avl RFQ
PHSL#3N scale search light w/ bulb (no servo) Avl RFQ
PHRMHS#3PRO movable door hinge set Avl RFQ
PHS#5G scale seat 1/6 205mm*83mm*123mm (green) Avl RFQ
MPACC248 dual high intesity xenon strobe light kit for rc helicopters and airplanes Avl RFQ
PFPPNTTRY paint tray Avl RFQ
PHJS#1PRO joy stick #1 Avl RFQ

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